Cahoots, London: A Night in the 1940s

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a very special ‘time-travelling’ edition post, as I FINALLY visited Cahoots in London *round of applause* I know many of may, or may not have heard of Cahoots, so I warn you…after reading this post you’re most certainly going to want to go!

Located in Kingly Court in Carnaby Street, Cahoots is a 1940s underground tube station bar… yes, really. Obviously it is not a real tube station, but its been so expertly designed you would have no idea its not authentic or that its the 21st century for that matter! You have to start your adventure by entering Kingly Court and searching for a sign reading ‘to the trains sign’, from there you will be met by a rather dapper looking bouncer who will take both the name of your booking (as booking is recommended) and ask you for the secret password to get in. (I am sworn under secrecy not to reveal the password to any other scoundrels!) From there, you go down the old escalator styled staircase where at the end, you will find yourself in a 1940s paradise.

With the 1940’s music playing in the background, staff dressed in period costume, and a plethora of vintage cocktails there is literally no other place like it on Earth. The bar is set in post-war London, so there is no doom and gloom, only a spirit of celebration and fun after one of the most turbulent periods of British history. It is also worth noting (for weirdos like me who get excited by the toilets in a fancy place) that EVEN THE LOO’S WERE THEMED. Each cubicle had a collection of framed vintage photographs, and the ceiling was plastered in old newspaper articles… honestly, the attention to detail was incredible and I cannot fault them in any way because the experience is so immersive. 

Because Cahoots is a bar, I ordered the ‘Vera Lynn’ cocktail, which was a mixture of fruit juices and gin (even though I don’t actually drink) and honestly… it was DELICIOUS. It was garnished with dried apples, apricots and sugar dusted mint leaves, and it came in the most kitsch glass I have ever seen! At £12 its needless to say that its pricey, but I must admit… for the service, free popcorn and endless top-up’s of water it was 100% worth it. It is also worth noting that we were originally seated next to the bar, but when we asked to move into the tube carriage (yes an actual 1940’s tube carriage) the staff were happy to oblige, and within minutes we were on the train and having an amazing experience.

Anyway guys, I don’t want to ramble on too much longer and spoil the experience for you… so I will sign off by saying that I hope you enjoyed this post and that if you are ever in London and are looking for a unique vintage style experience I would 100% recommend Cahoots as I will definitely be going back there soon. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my ‘proper camera’ to Cahoots, so you guys will have to put up with my iPhone quality pictures below… However, you will hopefully get the gist for the ambience of the place

That’s it for now guys, until next time.

Elisha 🙂

The wonderful entrance to Cahoots
The escalator-style staircase down into the bar
The wonderful cocktail menu, which was laid out in a vintage newspaper style
Our table which was in the tube carriage. My Vera Lynn cocktail is in the quirky head glass!
The collection of 1940’s photographs which have been thoughtfully framed and placed inside each toilet cubicle.

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