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Mini Voodoo Vixen Haul

Hello Everyone, welcome back!

Today I have a mini haul for you all, and it comes from the amazing vintage reproduction company ‘Voodoo Vixen’, London. In recent years vintage reproduction has seen a steady increase with companies such as Collectif and Lindy Bop making their mark, Voodoo Vixen (although I had heard of it previously) was new to me, and when I saw they had a sale on I couldn’t resist a cheeky purchase (or two).

Now, these purchases are actually practical for once as I bought myself a pair of sunglasses (because I lost my previous pair somewhere in Albania) and a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL blush from a brand called Besame. Now ladies and gents, let me tell you.. I have been lusting after all Besame products for a long, long time as they are a vintage makeup company who specialise in makeup reproduction. Dating from the 1910’s right through to the 1960’s, Besame have a extensive collection of lipsticks, eye shadows, and face products all of which are recreations of real colours and products from their periods. The concept is AMAZING for nerds like me, and when I saw that Voodoo Vixen were stocking them (they are a US company which makes it difficult for us Brits to nab) I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to give it a whirl! Ive taken some pictures for you all to have a nosey, and I shall leave the details of the items for you to search further if they interest y’all!

Until next time,

Elisha 🙂

Beautiful ’50’s Round Leopard Sunglasses’ which come in this lovely leopard spotted case- definitely adds to the Vintage feel! -The sunglasses are so sturdy and well made, they feel and look incredible.
Close up on the glasses themselves, they have a beautiful gold rim which makes them stand out and look BOLD.
My mini haul items together – arent they both so beautiful? *cries*



Sunglasses –


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