Ramsey 1940’s Weekend (and Mini-Haul)

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and ready for today’s post. As you can guess by the theme of this blog, I’m obsessed with history and vintage.. so when I tell you that I went to a 1940’s festival last weekend you’ll all know how excited I was at the prospect. For the last four or so years, my Dad, Nan and I have a tradition of visiting a 1940’s or vintage festival every year in late summer or early September when most of the events take place, this year we chose to visit Ramsey 1940’s weekend in Cambridgeshire after having a wonderful time at the 2016 festival. Located in a beautiful and quaint Fen town, Ramsey takes place in a ginormous field which belongs to the Ramsey Rural Museum and spans across the entire length with stools, tents, re-enactors… you name it littering the field.

The main reason Ramsey caught my eye last time (and I can’t lie to y’all on this fact) was for its extensive range of stalls which sold a plethora of vintage clothes, accessories, misc etc, you name it, they probably have it! I could honestly spend hours getting lost amongst the vintage jumble, and although I didn’t buy too much this time I absolutely loved digging through them. Another favourite for me was seeing my fellow vintage enthusiasts, who wonderfully promoted the vintage, rockabilly and retro subcultures, absolutely rock out by singing and dancing in the entertainment tent, or embrace living history by dressing up in period costume, it was all so brilliant and (call me biased) proved even more to me why the vintage community is the best community <3

Okay, Okay. I don’t want to spoil any more of the event for those of you who haven’t visited, so I’m going to leave you all with another picture gallery so you can get a feel for the vibe of the event. If you have any questions, comments etc please feel free to ask/ share below.

Until next time,

Elisha 🙂

It would be insulting not to have tea and cake in a vintage saucer…. right?
Just a little taster into the vintage goodies on offer in the stalls
*drools* A Cadillac in the middle of Cambridgeshire, who’d have thought it?
A line up of more drool-worthy cars. I think Cole Phelps would be impressed with me *shoutout to all those who get that reference*
A cute little 1940’s garden
The first thing I bought was this beautiful cameo necklace at £1.50… that’s right £1.50 folks.
I couldn’t resist this beautiful 1940 ‘Woman’s Illustrated’ magazine, at £14.50 it was on the pricier side… but how can you resist such a beautiful era of fashion?
A sneak-peak into the inside of the magazine
I didn’t technically get this beauty at the festival, BUT I did get it in Ramsey… so it counts.. right? Its a beautiful small 1950’s embroidered bag, with faux bamboo handle.
A close up on the beautiful detailing on this bag, at £12 I thought it was a steal.
My chosen outfit for the day. My dress is from Ebay (although originally from Miss Jolie), my shoes are thrifted (originally from Clarks) and my handbag was bought from an antique store. My earrings and ring are from the Isle of Wight Pearl, and my phone case is Swarovski (although badly, badly scratched eeepp) 


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