Photo Diary: A trip away to Chatsworth

Hello Everyone,

Today is the first edition of a new series I’d like to call ‘Elisha’s Photo Diary’. In other words instead of me ranting on for page and a bit I’d like to briefly introduce you to my topic of choice and share some wonderful pictures I think you’d all enjoy. Today’s photo diary is from my recent trip to the Peak District for my best friends 21st birthday, we are both OBSESSED with Pride and Prejudice so decided to embrace our own Lizzie Bennet’s and immerse ourselves in the beautiful scenery and of course, Chatsworth. Enjoy the pictures <3

The beautiful entranceway to Chatsworth, isn’t it breathtaking?
I couldn’t resist a couple of shots of this stunning ceiling, it has to be one of the most awe-inspiring entranceways in all of England.
Close-up of the intricately beautiful stairwell
Gold, Gold, Gold. Gold everywhere
See? Even the windows are laced with goals, now is that regal or what?
Beautiful portrait of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (in the centre) Who was the protagonist character in the film ‘The Duchess’ starring Kiera Knightley.
Beautiful Chandelier close-up. Who can resist a chandelier, come on now.
Close-up of the oriental-style wallpaper – all hand painted. Isn’t it incredible? what a piece of art.
A shot down the portrait gallery, to another portrait of Georgiana in an almost, angelic like pose.


The iconic shot looking down at Chatsworth… of course reading a 1930’s edition of Pride and Prejudice (#doingitforthegram)
Close-up shot of the book, with a rather imposing Chatsworth still taking the main focus. Although the weather looks moody af, it was actually quite a pleasant day and the sun game blinding out at hometime (typical)
I almost SCREAMED when I saw the actual bust they used of Mr Darcy in the film… a fangirl’s dream come true! They had a little sign asking people not to kiss Mr Darcy… So I took an air kiss shot instead 😉


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