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Collectif Vintage Haul!

Hello, Hello Everyone. I hope you are all doing well and are in the mood for a fashion post today!

As you can probably tell from reading this blog and by the theme of most of my posts… I love vintage (its a no brainer), so it makes perfect sense that the majority of my money would go on vintage items, more specifically vintage clothes. Although I adore original vintage clothes, I am also obsessed with reproduction brands such as Voodoo Vixen, Lindy Bop, and you guessed it by the title, Collectif!

Originating as a stall on Camden Market, Collectif has done more than established itself over the last 18 years and now has three shops in London and one in Brighton and more recently has started to hold more events such as the Collectif 18th Birthday party which I attended back in November. Since its such household name, it is, therefore, no surprise that it is a firm favorite of those in the vintage community (me included) and I often myself on their website or ‘just popping’ in-store to look for the next vintage-themed item to catch my eye (which isn’t hard)

If that hasn’t sold Collectif to you, then I bet there Big Sale will! Now when I say sale…. I don’t mean one or two naff things on a rack, I mean a maHOOSIVE explosion of vintage goodness which never ceases to end (now that is my kind of sale) Unlike many other stores, Collectif doesn’t reserve special stock to bring out in the sale oh no, if you found yourself loving, say a blouse a month or so ago but thought… ‘hmm that’s a little pricey’ then the Collectif sale will not fail you. SO many of these items I have been lusting after for a while, so when I saw them in the sale at such low prices.. you bet I thrust myself upon them .

So again, its rather unsurprising that after I decided to purchase a few bits in the sale online I naturally found myself in their Commercial street store…buying more…and then I may or may not have fallen into their Camden store… possibly again buying more…..and so my friends, after a number of Collectif trips I have accumulated some gorgeous new items to kick off the new year in style with!

Side note: I havent actually worn any of these items yet, so apologises if they look a bit crumpled but its because they are brand new and have not yet had the lurvvving washing machine and ironing treatment they shall soon receive.


I’m going to kick this blog post off with some good old basics. This is the gorgeous ‘Sonia top’ which I think is a must have in the wardrobe, as although it may look plain it will really dress up an outfit. (The back of the top is also cut in a V-neck style)
MAJOR CRUMPLE ALERT. Now weirdly… this jumper is the sole reason I ordered from the Collectif sale. For AGES I have been looking for a simple, comfy but pretty jumper just to wear on those days where you can’t be arsed (most days in my case) but still want to look a bit glam. ‘Collectif Mainline Jenni Peplum Jumper’ in Navy
This beautiful red cardigan (I cant for the life of me find its name) is the softest, most beautiful material god could have given us. Not only is the colour gorgeous, but its definitely one of those understated pieces of clothing’s that could be dressed up or down. I cant wait to wear it.
Need I actually comment on this beautiful piece of art? I think not. Usually, I wouldn’t go for such a rockabilly style on vintage, but when I saw this it was defintiley love at first sight. ‘Collectif Vintage Jessie Rose Embroidery Cardigan’
I call this my mullet cardigan, business in the front.. party in the back. All.Night.Long man.
This Cardigan is a bit like marmite, Some of you will love it, some of you may hate it, and honestly, I wouldn’t blame you either way. When I first saw this cardigan hanging up I completely blanked it, and then when I saw it styled on the mannequin I thought ‘Damn, that’s actually pretty stylish’ so of course I bought it haha. ‘Holly Chevron Cardigan’
Last, but by no means least in the clothing domain is this beautiful flamingo blouse. Now, I’m really, really, not a wild person and I usually wouldn’t go for a print like this, however, after seeing it in every Collectif shop (full price) in the summer, I knew I wanted it badly, but I couldn’t justify paying full price and then, then ladies and gents it went in the sale… and so here she is with me now! ‘Mary Grace Winter Flamingo Blouse’
ONTO ACCESSORIES! If you know me at all (in real life) then you’ll know I have a deep, deep, rooted love for berets. So when I saw this gorgeous Burgundy Beret, I couldn’t leave it behind. ‘Collectif Accessories Lauren Beret‘ in Burgundy
I saw these gloves in store after I purchased the beret…. and I couldn’t leave them behind I mean they match guys, THEY MATCH. (These gloves arent online and I cannot find the name of them anywhere, sorry guys 🙁 )
And finally (I also got a red belt, but it felt pointless taking a picture of it because it really is a basic) are these gorgeous pearl hoop earrings. Again, if you know me you may be surprised at me purchasing such a bold earring, as although these aren’t large in size they are certainly striking. I ummed and I ahhhed about these, and then I saw they were like £1.50 or something in the sale and thought… what the hell and I doing? and pop in the basket they went! I love them because they remind me of the gold hoops that Audrey wears in Sabrina #goals ‘Small Pearl Hoop Earrings’

So guys, thats it for my Collectif haul. I really hope you enjoyed seeing my goodies, let me know below if you are a fellow Collectif fan and if you got anything in the big sale too!

Until next time 🙂

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