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Call The Midwife Tour: A Day at Chatham Dockyard

Hello, Hello!

Today’s post is a weird one, as it is a reupload from my old blog ‘Elisha’s Vintage Emporium’ onto this one in celebration of the finale of the EIGHTH series, thats right eighth! Tonight on BBC One at 8pm. I absolutely adore everything about Call the Midwife, and it is such a cosy Sunday night period drama to watch, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my weekends after tonight boo 🙁 Anyways, enough whining, I hope you enjoy this repost! Off we go, back in time to last May……

Well guys, well, well, well. Guess who has no job, has finished university and is sitting on her butt most days eating? THIS GAL. Now, thats not 100% true as I was recently lucky enough to spend a week in Kent with my Mum visiting sights such as Dover Castle, Chartwell House and of course, Chatham Dockyard which I shall we talking to you about today.

Now, I should probably start with a disclaimer. I am not a naval historian, nor do I actually know anything about naval history at all, so you may be wondering ‘Elisha, why on earth did you go to a dockyard then?’ well my friends, I went there to go on the brand new official ‘Call the Midwife’ tour and let me tell you… it was excellent.

The popular BBC period drama series which has been running for 7 series (filming for 8 soon) has continuingly been partially filmed by Neal Street productions in the dockyard due to its resemblance to 1950’s Poplar in London, which was also a bustling dockyard in its time. The tour, led by a excellent and well informed guide who is dressed as a midwife (amazing) leads you around each of the key locations used in the series whilst the guide expertly references the series and the stories which surrounded the filming location. As a period drama addict, I found the tour and the guide so incredibly informative and I could quite literally once again feel the series coming to life, as I remembered the laughter, the sadness and the passion in which the show has brought to our screens.

BY FAR, my favourite part of the tour was the newly installed exhibition in which visitors (exclusively on the Call the Midwife tour) can actually see the costumes, sets, props everything used by Neal Street in the series, it was incredible let me tell you. Although it was a small space, I would hand on heart recommend buying tickets for the tour if only to see the amazing selection of props from the production.

Well guys, that brings us to the end of this post as I dont want to spoil the tour for any period drama enthusiasts like myself who may too wish to go on the tour. I honestly cannot recommend it enough, and thank you to Neal Street productions for providing people like myself with such a facility to relive key moments in the amazing series again. I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I took on the tour, and I shall see you guys very soon.


Elisha 🙂

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