Photo Diary: Trip to Koln

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing ? I am currently sitting at my desk, with a freshly made cup of tea, my record player playing the soundtrack to Babylon Berlin (thought it was suitable for writing this post ) and I thought to myself … what better time to get this post written? So, get yourselves ready and comfortable for today’s Photo Diary of Koln!

As my Mum works in a school, her only real time off is in the school holidays, so when we realised February half term was coming up we decided to book a overnight trip away… but where? We gave it some thought however, it wasn’t until I saw tickets for Cologne on the Ryan Air website going for about £22 each that I knew we had found our destination!

I have wanted to go to Cologne for years, mainly because its where one of my favourite fragrances ‘4711’ was created and they have their flagship store there. It is also where the original ‘Eau De Cologne’ Farina was created, so with some research on some of the top tourist spots and the booking of a hotel.. we were off! I hope you enjoy the highlights of some of my fave pictures and locations in Cologne.

Our flight was at 7:30am…so, even though getting up at 4am to get ready and going to an Airport is not my idea of a fun time, it was well worth it for the beautiful sunrise we could see out of the window.
Our first views of Cologne. I am so glad I looked out the window at this moment, I was half asleep for most of the flight (only 55 mins) and when I looked out and saw this beautiful scene of the Rhine, I knew my Mum and I would adore Cologne.
Once you work out which train to get from Koln airport, It’s pretty easy to find your way into Koln town! We took the train from the airport to Koln Hauptbahnhof, and after just a few minutes walk down the road towards town we looked up to find this magnificent sight! In case you arent sure of what it is, it is the beautiful back end of Cologne Cathedral, which is just opposite Museum Ludwig (hence the weird statue) What a first sight to behold eh?
The first thing we did was visit ‘Time Ride VR: Koln’, an amazing place to start for all new visitors to Cologne! (At least I think so), Time Ride is essentially a VR experience, where before riding visitors are shown a video on the history of Cologne, and then taken through to this reproduction tram where you put on the VR (goggles? helmet things?) and are taken on a virtual tram ride through Cologne in the 1900’s. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had in regards to historical education sights, I would 1000% recommend it to anyone who is interested in Colognes deep history.
The gorgeous street we had to walk down to get to our hotel. I waited for AGES for this shot, and out of nowhere.. a man appeared and photo bombed it D:
The AMAZING view from our hotel, this spot is a famous picture spot in Cologne… so when we looked out the window and saw this view we were overwhelmed.
The first place we wanted to explore was of course, Dafthaus 4711. When we arrived the bells (located all around the 4711 sign near the roof) were playing, and the beautifully painted figures were circling around. The perfect welcome!
The newly refurbished interior of the store. A perfume lovers paradise.
If you go up the stairs of the store, there is a small museum section with a range of historical artefacts. I didnt want to show too many of the artefacts, just in case it spoils it for anyone wanting to visit the store.
On a perfume high, we decided to visit Farina. Farina is where the first ever Eau de Cologne was created, and as I had never heard, visited or smelt the Farina fragrance I was so excited to learn about the history of the perfume and store. Sadly, I stupidly didnt book the guided tour, so we missed out on a lot of the history. But it is still a must see spot for perfume lovers.
This beautiful 1950s Farina print was on display in store, I absolutely loved it.
This view was just opposite Farina, I loved how classically German it looked. And since I am a massive fan of Babylon Berlin, I had to take the shot because it looked straight out of a period drama set.
We were lucky enough to see a gorgeous sunset once we had returned to the hotel for the night. Filled up with snacks, treats and drinks of course!
Since Mum and I are such old women, we dont often like to go out at night time. We’d much rather stay in with snacks and drinks, watching tv or just scrolling through social media, but when we thought about how beautiful the cathedral would look at night, we couldn’t resist a quick walk around town.
Now I know this photo isnt of amazing quality (thanks to iPhone’s poop night time shot mode) however, I had to include it because the moon looked incredible that night. The size the moon is in that photo (no matter how poor the quality) was the genuine size of the moon that night, I am not sure how or why it was so big and clear, but it was certainly beautiful!
Sadly, the next day was rather overcast, but we did wake up to another incredible sun rise view!
These were our next door neighbours at our hotel – The Rhein St Martin Hotel. For some reason, I never actually took a photo of our hotels exterior or interior…. but from this picture you get the gist!
After taking the dotto train tour around Koln, we decided to visit the Schokoladen Museum. As I am a MASSIVE chocolate lover, particularly of Lindt who are their partners, I couldn’t resist a visit. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. It is one of the best museums I have visited in a foreign country for sure.
This lovely man is preparing Mum and I a wafer stick dipped in freshly melted Lindt Chocolate…. what could be better?
Not only did I get a free melted chocolate wafer stick, I also got this Lindt bar from a vintage chocolate vending machine, a pack of mini Lindt chocolates which we saw being made in the museum, AND a bonus pack of the chocolates for free when leaving the museum. It was heaven.
Not only was the museum a chocolate paradise, it also had gorgeous panoramic views of the Rhine.
I have a tradition, every country I visit that has a Hard Rock Café I have to visit the store and buy one of their collectors pins. I am proud of my collection so far, and cannot wait to collect more in the future <3
More pretty street scenes on the walk back to the hotel to collect our bags.
Our last look of beautiful Cologne on our walk back to the train station 🙁

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