Babylon Berlin Inspired Makeup Look

Hello everyone, or should I say more fittingly…Hallo, Guten Tag! Welcome back to the blog, long time no see and all that jazz.

I could apologise for being gone all year, but that would be a waste of your time and boring for me. So lets pretend, I am your ever present (instead of constantly letting you down) friend, who is back with a Babylon Berlin inspired post for y’all.

If you’re a regular to my blog (or was…awks) then you’d know that I am a massive fan of the German neo-noir series Babylon Berlin. The series is set in Weimar Germany, and follows the story of detective Gereon Rath and criminal assistant Charlotte Ritter through their somewhat troubling adventures in the seedy underbelly of Berlin. I dont want to spoil the plot, as 1. you need to go and watch it to know just how intense the obsession can be, and 2. it is too complex for my little mind to be able to explain to you in just a few paragraphs!

Anyway, this post is a tribute to the aesthetics of the show. With a noir theme, amidst the backdrop of the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20’s, the show is visually one of the most stunning I have ever seen. Its easy to therefore, see why it is one of the most expensive non-English speaking productions to make.

So with that mini love letter to the show, I decided to take on the challenge of recreating a look worn by the female protagonist Charlotte Ritter in the first series of the show in the Moka Efti nightclub. Her makeup and hair, is spot on for the period and encapsulates the smokey, sparkling world of Weimar society.

I hope you enjoy seeing my inspired look….take note that it is inspired by, and not meant to be an exact recreation, as I wanted to make the look more everyday and wearable for the modern vintage gals!

This is the original look worn by Liv Lisa Fries, who plays Lotte in the series.
A close up on the completed look!

How to get this Look:


In a simple updo, with an ode to Lotte’s finger wave style faux fringe.


I used my usual brow powder. However, I started by concealing my eyebrows and using a powder to neutralise the natural thickness. Then over the top of the base, I followed the usual shape of my brow, rounding then out and making them thinner to achieve Lotte’s 20’s style brow.


I used a combination of three colours from Soap and Glory’s ‘Perfect Ten’ palette to achieve the base of the eye look.

To start I combined the shade ‘Bronze Girl’ and ‘Choccy’, slightly dipping into the darker colour to achieve the sparkling brassy tone Lotte has.

I then used a combination of ‘Choccy’ and my brow powder to deepen the crease. Remember, blending this darker colour in is important to make it look more seamless!

As we can see in the picture, Lotte’s makeup continues to below her waterline so I used this combo to line beneath the eyes. Then again, BLEND it on out gal.

To finish up the eye, I used the colour ‘Liquorice’ to line the lash line to make the look more authentic and the lashes fuller once mascara was applied.


I did not apply foundation for this look, instead I just used a concealer liberally over the face. My chosen one is Catrice’s ‘Camouflage Cream’ in the shade 010 Ivory.

For contour, I did a light contour to shape the face (nothing too severe, but we want to highlight our natural cheekbones and facial dimensions)

Lotte doesnt appear to be wearing blush, and if she is its very natural. So to blend the look together I just used a light dusting of Besame’s Delicate Rouge in the shade ‘Raspberry’.


The most striking feature of this whole makeup look is the eyes and of course, the lips! So, this step is very important kids.

First, conceal over your lips to block out any colour and evidence of natural shaping and then powder over the top. (I used the Catrice concealer, and Besame’s Brightening Violet Powder in the shade ‘Translucent’)

The closest match I could find to Lotte’s lip colour was Mac’s ‘Crème in your Coffee’ which I have to say… looks almost identical!

First start by lining the cupid bow of your lip, make them pronounced and equal. Then instead of following your natural lip line, we want to almost curve the lipstick to thin the lips and mimic the shape Lotte has in the picture. From there, fill in your bottom lip like normal.

And here we have it! The completed look front on, and to the side in all its vintage glory!

I know my look is much lighter, but my aim was to make it wearable for everyday, without losing the charm of 20’s nightlife.

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to Babylon Berlin, have you yourself been watching? and if so let me know your thoughts, and your takes on this look!

Until next time,

Elisha 🙂

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