Peggy Porschen Afternoon Tea at the Lanesborough

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to my blog!

Today’s post is a photo-throwback to a trip I took last month (when we were allowed outside, to mass gather and weren’t facing the threat of a bloody pandemic..ah, when times were simpler!) to experience a delightful afternoon tea at the Lanesborough Hotel in Hyde Park.

The Lanesborough hotel collaborated with the beautiful floral themed café chain Peggy Porschen, to create an afternoon tea served in their Celeste dining room and of course, we had to visit.

Right from entering the hotel (where you are greeted by a doorman who calls you my lady oh la la!) you can feel the opulence of the place, as the staff are ready for any and every request you may have of them. After leaving our belongings in a cloakroom, we were lead to the beautiful neo-classical Georgian Celeste room, and taken to our table where we were served honestly one of the yummiest afternoon tea’s we have ever had!

Want to know something super embarrassing about the experience though? When we asked for the bill, it came back with a discretionary service being…well not rich, my friend and I rock, paper, scissored for who would ask to take the charge off. I lost, so when the waiter came back he asked ‘I am sorry madam, was there a problem with the service?’ what did I reply???? ‘not at all. We are just poor’. CLASSY ELISHA. REAL CLASSY. I mean, to be fair, he laughed but my goodness was I embarrassed afterwards!

Normally, this would be the part where I would recommend it to you all…but seeing as we are in quarantine and cant go anywhere, I shan’t do that. Instead, I shall tease you with a selection of the gorgeous afternoon tea…


The exterior of the Lanesborough ft the nice doorman
I mean….come on, too beautiful to eat right?
I’m smiling because I am thinking about all the food I am about to inhale.
Obligatory blogger shot of the tea, the menu, the food, the setting etc etc.
Classic Peggy décor <3
The view from our little alcove. What a view hey?
For any existing Peggy lovers, they will know just how important the pink bike is!
Afterwards, we snuck off and explored the hotel! I couldn’t take too many pictures for fear of being chastised hehe.
What would a post be without a mirror selfie? Shout out to my bestie Krystal, I miss youuuuuu! <3

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