Pride and Prejudice inspired walk (in Quarantine)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well, or as well as can be expected through these somewhat…uncertain times, and are staying safe and at home.

I know quarantine can be hard, boring, mentally taxing, and socially very isolating (ironic use of wording) but it is however, a necessary precaution to take and we must all do our bit to help slow the spread and help our key workers. and if all it takes is staying home…. then we have got this people!<3

As issued by the government (at least for now) we in the UK are allowed one daily jaunt of exercise, be it running, walking, cycling whatever, just to get out in the fresh air and quite frankly, to get out the blooming house for a minute! So today I saved my exercise…rationing if you will, for a wonderful evening stroll through the woods, to my favourite field (yes, that is a thing) and managed to take some absolutely stunning photographs.

Whilst times are hard, its always comforting to see and know that nature still has our back and that Spring-time really is still in full bloom and ready to welcome us with open arms (as long as we are two metres apart haha)

Enjoy some beautiful, what I like to call ‘Pride and Prejudice style countryside walk’ photographs.

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